The Editor:
An open letter to Ms. Wynne, Mr. Thibeault, Mr. Ballard:

Merry Christimas/Happy Holidays; As you are the Premier and Ministers accountable, I trust it is fair to say that you chose to post the Nation Rise Wind Farm GP Inc., project EBR Registry Number 013-1674, Ministry Reference Number 6695-APKGUB Nov.10 (one day before Remembrance Day) and submission date ending Dec. 25, 2017 (during Legislature’s two-month winter break).

Is this how the government of Ontario shows respect for the people of Ontario?

This project was posted stating “consisting of up to 33 wind turbines” yet the specified turbine capacities exceeds the 100MW overall project capacity. That does not seem forthcoming and open.

We have written many times to tell you that Nation Rise Wind Farm is located:

  • on PRIME agricultural land where Ontario’s food is grown and milk is produced. It is an important part of the breadbasket of Ontario.
  • on a major fragile ground water source supporting multiple towns & wells;
  • on an air ambulance route between Cornwall and Ottawa;
  • on a major migratory flight path;
  • on the West Quebec Seismic Fault;
  • This project was voted twice by municipal government as non-willing hosts.
  • A large petition was signed and presented to Ontario Legislature saying no to the project.
  • The municipality hired an independent review of the project. It raised serious concerns.
  • There are less than 30 landowners with signed leases and almost 7,000 residents saying no;
  • Ontario’s laws still maintain a 550m setback regardless of turbine size, and the passage of time with higher and larger platforms and blade lengths (since 2013 Quebec has mandated 2km).
  • Your ministries allowed turbines to be installed less than 500m to Ontario homes
  • Ontario’s own Medical Officers of Health have stated in 2009 that 2000m setbacks should be a minimum.
  • Environmental/human/animal impact – health, ground water, vibration, shadow flicker, low frequency noise;
  • Wind – intermittent – requires a backup system using fossil fuels – doubles the cost and ignores the environmental impact while you, Ms. Wynne, tout cutting back on coal while Hydro One purchased coal generation in the United States.
  • Ontario’s cleanest energy – water – potential daily output of 8,338.5 MW – used minimally as are the gas plants already built but Ontario still plans to build two more.

This project is:

  • Not necessary – Ontario continues to sell surplus power at a loss. Cheap Quebec hydro is close by. Hydro electric and nuclear are already paid for but throttled back.
  • Costly – Nation Rise – alone $1.8 million/month for 20 years – with an option to extend it to 40 years. Ontario’s debt rising over $10,000/minute. Is this in the 40-year energy plan for Ontario?
  • Wind is intermittent and costly to Ontario. It provides a minimal portion of Ontario’s cleanest energy and is inconsistent with the long-range needs. It has negative environmental and health impacts.

Why did the Grinch steal Christmas from the residents of North Stormont? Why did you select a closing date for comment on Christmas Day, taking us away from friends and family if we are to respond? Why are you doing this at all?

Ruby and Joe Mekker, Finch, Ont.