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Another day in rural Ontario

Some memories just linger. Back in the late 90’s I was the editor of the then Ottawa Carleton Review in Manotick, a small village just south of Ottawa. The town was surrounded by agricultural land on three sides. This was my...

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Spring rituals in rural Ontario

Spring is the traditional time of year to get ready for another growing season. In the case of a transplanted urbanite living in a small village in rural Ontario, it means nothing more than making sure all your lawn equipment...

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Beyond the farm

A tip of the top hat goes to retired Morewood dairy farmer Bill Smirle whose influence has always extended way beyond agriculture and his North Dundas base. More often clad in suit and tie than coveralls and barn boots, Smirle...

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Noble achievement

Ideas are being kicked around in some quarters about how to publicly recognize Noble Villeneuve, the voice of Eastern Ontario farmers, in a lasting way, including the possibility of a plaque or some other tangible marker in a...

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Cricket ticket

We desperately wanted to be there. Alas, our calendar conflicted with the Feb. 15 Canada Agriculture and Food Museum lecture, “Cricket Farming: A New Source of Protein.” How could you resist such Ag Museum come-ons as thinking...

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