CHESTERVILLE – North Dundas farmer and former human resources professional Bill Byker spoke to members of the Dundas County Dairy Producers about communications and the bottom line on March 11 during the annual general meeting.

Byker started farming in 1982 and worked in the industry until 2012. For much of his career he worked in human resources and has continued to act as a consultant and cash crop farmer in his semi-retirement.

His advice from the presentation aimed to help producers be more cognisant of the benefits of fostering human resources in business. It can be an essential part of farm management to achieve the most potential from an operation. “Every year when we look back, the farm should be better than the year before, but so should our people,” Byker said.

One of the main objectives for effective human resources is clear communications so that expectations are well established by both parties. Byker suggested, “Frank but respectful discussions,” and as much transparency as possible as long as it does not damage the company.

Working to foster this kind of culture in a business not only helps the employees succeed but is equally beneficial to the company. Byker says know the skills and weaknesses of everyone working on the operation and use them to grow a well-rounded team.