Front row (from left to right): Ray Holmes is seen presenting the cheque to WDMH Foundation Managing Director Kristen Casselman. Back Row: Michael Staebler, Mark Tibben, Mat Spruit, Joe Jansen, Tyler Hoy, DSCIA Board Chair Wray Holmes, Tom MacGregor, Ron Toonders, DSCIA Board Vice Chair Jason Byvelds, Warren Schneckenburger, Brent Vanden Bosch, Graham Duke, and Jessica Menkhorst, DSCIA Secretary-Treasurer. Courtesy Photo

CHESTERVILLE – The Dundas Soil and Crop Improvement Association presented a cheque for $41,320 to the Expanding the Circle of Compassionate Care (ECCC) campaign of the WDMH Foundation in support of the building of the new Dundas Manor.

 “Dundas Soil and Crop Improvement Association wanted to support the only long-term care building in Dundas County and wanted to support it in a way that would represent our members,” said DSCIA Secretary-Treasurer Jessica Menkhorst.  She explained how members were challenged “to each donate the amount 1 MT of corn for up to 5 years,” which led to the donation of $41,320 to the ECCC at the organization’s AGM on Dec. 5.

“On behalf of current and future Dundas Manor residents, thank you to the Board for considering our request for funding, and thanks to each member who gave so generously.  We are truly touched by your support!” said Kristen Casselman, WDMH Foundation Managing Director in a press release dated December 22.  She continued, “Our fundraising campaign is doing very well as our community has given well over $12 million of the $18 million needed. With your gift today, the Dundas Soil and Crop Improvement Association has given over $48,000 to the Foundation since 2002. Thanks so much for your commitment to local health care and your incredible generosity!”