250 boxes were distributed throughout eastern Ontario and western Quebec. Celebration of agriculture was a complete success. Vogel photo

The Ottawa Valley Seed Growers, like many other associations and businesses struggle with not being able to work with their clientele. It is hard to stay at the top of their minds when faced with not being able to meet face to face.

The Ottawa Valley Farm Show (OVFS) has been the place for farmers to attend and meet up with neighbours and fellow farmers to talk about what is happening in the agricultural industry. The new and upcoming technology is showcased, and businesses have the opportunity for the undivided attention of their potential customers.

With 2021 being the second year in a row that this farm tradition has been disrupted, the directors of the OVFS looked to keep their support of the agricultural community at the forefront of their supporters and attendees alike.

Colleen Acres, a director, worked diligently with the group of directors to put together items from each of the counties covered by the OVFS. Each director was to recruit an item from their county to put into the box. Thankful for the support of the sponsors, suppliers, exhibitors, and the volunteer directors, the goal of seeing 250 of these boxes was accomplished in two weeks.

Running under the #Agintheeast Celebration of Agriculture was a project with three goals in mind:

1) to have the board work together on a team project;

2) to create a positive news event; and

3) to support local business in the communities of Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.

Acres stated, “We fulfilled all of these goals in my opinion and seeing and hearing the enjoyment of people receiving their box of goodies that have been grown or made across our region is a real cause for us to celebrate agriculture and our local communities.”