DELHI – The ongoing drought in western Canada has hit farmers hard.

One Ontario company has come up with an interesting way to try and help farmers in western Canada out.

Titan Trailers Inc. located just outside of Delhi, Ontario, manufactures semi-trailers and ships them all over Canada. In the trailer manufacturing industry Titan Trailers Inc. is considered to make some of the best semi-trailers worldwide in their facilities.

They will be delivering 30 brand new and empty trailers to British Columbia during the summer months and right up to this November.

They are asking farmers to donate good quality hay to fill up the trailers they are sending to help western Canada farmers challenged by drought conditions.

Titan trailer owner Mike Kloepfer got the idea after reading about the drought conditions in western Canada. He thought his empty trailers were a great opportunity to help.

So far his project has seen a first load of 33 round bales being shipped out in his new trailers.  This first delivery was harvested from the Kloepfer family at the Double Twin Farms.

The plan is to deliver the hay to Titan Trailer dealerships in western Canada to be picked up by farmers who need it. Farmers are asked to contact their nearest Ocean Trailer dealership.

Ocean Trailer has six dealerships between Winnipeg and its head office in British Columbia.

If you are interested in taking part in the project you can call Titans Trailers  Inc. at 519-688-4826.