CHESTERVILLE – Vanden Bosch Elevators’ annual grain project produced another bountiful financial harvest for the Chesterville Rotary Club in the amount of $10,300.

“We’ve got three individuals who donated some land, coming to a total of about 18 acres,” said Stan Vanden Bosch. “The individuals involved include Frank Herken from Dundas Power, Donna Whitehead and Greg and April Wheeler. They donate the land, pioneer our agronomics and supply the seed; then Vanden Bosch farms provides the equipment to plant, harvest and spray.”

Vanden Bosch continued, “We alternate between soybeans and corn every other year and we handle the product, buy the product and write the cheque. This year, it was corn.”

While $10,300 was a large donation to the club, it wasn’t the project’s largest financial hull since it began 11 seasons ago.

“We’ve had a few other years where we’ve reached over $10,000,” said Vanden Bosch. “It varies depending on whether or not it’s corn or soybeans, the price of the product, the weather and humidity. It seems to go anywhere between $7,000 to $10,000 on average.”

Come April, the project will start back up again for the new season and the farm hopes to continue giving back to the community and doing better than the previous year.