Jennifer Waldroff is currently serving as the 2024 vice president of 4-H Ontario. Photo Courtesy of 4-H Ontario, Photographer – Lyndsay Berry

NEWINGTON – Jennifer Waldroff, representing Stormont County 4-H, is starting her second two-year term on the 4-H Ontario Council Board of Directors and will serve as the 2024 Vice President of the organization.

Waldroff has been a member and volunteer with 4-H Ontario since joining Carleton County 4-H at the age of 12, serving as a leader with Carleton County 4-H and has served as a leader with Stormont County 4-H for over 15 years.

To seek election to the 4-H Ontario Council Board, there are several criteria which must be met explained Waldroff.  “You must be a volunteer in good standing with 4-H Ontario, represent a local 4-H Association as their Association Representative and the association must be a club in good standing with 4-H Ontario.”  Once these criteria are met, then you can stand for election to the board by having an application submitted with “two volunteers in good standing to support you in the quest for the board position.” 

Association Representatives from across the province can select ten people to serve on the 4-H Ontario Council board, with the executive committee selected at the first board meeting.  Information on the 4-H Ontario website explained the association’s board of directors is responsible for “providing direction and vision for the 4-H Ontario program, and is responsible for the management and direction of the Executive Director, who in turn is responsible for the management and direction of the 4-H Ontario staff, who manage daily operations of 4-H.”

The 2024 Executive Committee of 4-H Ontario Board of Directors include Laurie Farquharson as past president, Erica Murray elected as president, Jennifer Waldroff as vice-president, and Lesleigh Elgie as director at large.  Directors for 2024 are Penny Anger, Debbie Coke, Tamara Fraser-Cullen, Joanne Hewitson, Brian O’Neill, Fred John Sharpe, and Edna White. Navneet Sadhra will service as Community Director, Alice Van Vugt as Youth Director, and 4-H Canada Youth Advisory Committee Member Mary Brander.

Waldroff explained her duties as vice president include chairing the finance committee in addition to fulling duties as a director and part of the executive committee and presenting Ontario 4-H financial statements at the annual general meeting.

“I was very excited to get elected to the board in 2022.  4-H has been an integral part of my life and I enjoy watching the personal growth of the youth.  They are our future.”  said Waldroff.  She continued how it had been a personal goal to serve on the 4-H Ontario board as a director, and once this was achieved her “next goal was to sit on the executive committee.”

As a former member and leader of 4-H in Ontario, she knows first-hand the opportunities the program can provide and continues to provide, mentioning how she is committed to “ensure the program is available for many years.”