BRINSTON – Dundas-Agri Systems, (DAS), in Brinston, family owned and operated in Eastern Ontario since 1981, is taking advantage of an opportunity to extend its reach by joining forces with the AgriHub Group of Companies.

A press release about the decision stated: “Dundas Agri Systems (DAS) is pleased to announce that effective May 1, 2022, it is joining forces with a group of other like-minded agri-businesses from across Canada who operated under the corporate umbrella of the AgriHub Group of Companies. This partnership is a natural fit given the focus on Canadian Dairy Excellence and customer service practiced by DAS, and the various AgriHub Operating Brands.”

The experienced and dedicated staff at Dundas-Agri Systems will still be on hand to help their clients.

The press release stated: “Most things will remain unchanged with respect to the company structure and product/service offerings. It will remain a local Eastern Ontario focused business with all current employees and support personnel remaining with the organization.”

The reasoning behind the decision is to give Dundas-Agri Systems access to corporate skill sets like finance, information technology, human resources, and marketing.

“We will be gaining access to an expanded team of dairy and industry experts. In addition, DAS will see expansion in the product and consumable lines, improved costing, while achieving a measure of pricing stability due to leveraged buying power.”

DAS is determined to continue to share good relationships with its existing customers and is hoping to be able to create a stronger group of agricultural experts.

Dundas Agri Systems is an established, family owned, and operated company launched in 1981 to serve Dairy Producers of Eastern Ontario. As a prominent provider of Lely and Boumatic Systems, and a well-regarded expert in milking, DAS currently is privileged to serve over 250 dairy farms in the Eastern Ontario region.

AgriHub is a provider of central services to its Operating Brands across Western Canada and the Upper Midwest USA. AgriHub’s industry leading Operating Brands – Penner Farm Services, Western Ag Systems, United Agri Systems, New Standard Ag and Horizon Livestock & Poultry Supply – have provided design-built equipment, service and consumables to hog, poultry, dairy, and grain farming partners for over 50 years.