by Karen Velthuis, Carleton County 4-H Leader
Special to the AgriNews
TORONTO – Over 347 dairy 4-Hers from Ontario, Quebec and the three maritime provinces descended on the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, Nov. 5-8, for the 38th Annual TD Classic 4-H Canadian Junior Dairy Show.

Stephanie Warner-Murphy from Hastings was ably assisted by Claire Swale from the U.K. as the two handily lined up the Showmanship portion of the event. Brian Carscadden of Guelph masterfully assumed the duty of sorting the Conformation classes. At the end of it all, Carleton County claimed the #2 spot in the 50+ County competition narrowly losing out to Northumberland County. The group was pleased to repeat as Winners in the Group of Three Class. This winning entry was made up of Lesa VanBokhorsts’ winning Jr. Calf, Brendan Velthuis’ 2nd Summer Yrlg. and Justin Velthuis’ 4th Jr. Yrlg. In all, seven of the eight calves finished: 1,2,4,6,7,7 and 11 in their respective age divisions. In Showmanship, Sarah Dean and Kristian McDonald placed 6th and 12th while five of the other six contestants advanced to the semi-final row.

The event was made possible by the generous support of several local and national sponsors and is deemed the #1 Junior Dairy Show in the world. Chaperones for the Carleton Team were Courtney Henderson and Karen Velthuis.