MOUNTAIN – After causing a bit of a stir at the previous council meeting, with many of Shaw Road’s residents heavily protesting the Kee VanWinden’s application to rezone property for an agricultural repair business, he was awarded exactly that – with some adjustments of course.

Several questions were considered for the council to reach this conclusion:

Has the applicant considered other sites in the township? Yes, he had considered 25 different properties to establish his business, but some locations were not ready to sell within his timelines.The proposed property on Shaw Road was proven to be the best suited for the combined dwellings and business.

What amount of traffic do you anticipate will be generated to and from this business? VanWinden made notes that tractors by design are limited to a maximum of 40 km/hr, with some newer models reaching as high as 50 km/hr. He anticipates that, more often in the winter season, tractors will be travelling down Shaw Road.

Parts will be delivered infrequently, as VanWinden made clear he picks up parts himself with his own truck. Based on his own experience, he anticipates a single transportation float vehicle per month in the summer, with a maximum of one to two clients visiting per day.

Where will the outdoor storage be? VanWinden has assured that all of  the outdoor storage will be located behind the building.

He also noted that a temporary travel trailer will be installed during the construction.

Is the applicant willing to move the proposed location of the building further back to help with noise abatement?

He has agreed to the proposed minimum front yard setback provision from 30 m to upward of 60 m. The side yard setback could also be increased from 15 m to 20 m.

Is Shaw Road capable of handling farm equipment and floats?

Public Works performed a thorough investigation of the road, reaching the conclusion that the base and surface can accommodate the anticipated truck traffic.

Lastly, road safety was a hot topic of the road, with many residents using the road for recreational use. The council confirmed that they can reduce the speed limit if warranted for Shaw Road. Following the new amendments and answered questions, VanWinden’s application to rezone the property was approved.