Pete and Spartan, a team of Brabant horses from Gentle Giant Stables near St. Albert, are seen plowing a furrow at the Stormont County Plowing Match. Thompson Goddard Photo

FINCH – The annual Stormont County Plowing Match was held on Thanksgiving Sat., Oct. 8 just outside of Finch. Organized by the Stormont County Plowmen’s Association and hosted by Dennis and Mary Fife of Fife Agricultural Services Ltd., the event was successful despite the overcast skies and chilly weather. 

There were over 50 participants registered for the event which featured horse drawn, antique and modern plowing. Judges for the event were Ross McGillvary of Dalkeith North Glengarry and Matthew McGuire from the Spencerville area. Visitors were able to walk to the fields being plowed or driven there on a wagon driven by 4-H Ontario ambassador Dougie Robinson and sponsored by David Brown Construction Ltd. and Fife Agricultural Services Ltd. 4-H leaders and members provided a hot lunch and treats to those attending the Thanksgiving Saturday event.

At the evening meal in Finch, the 2022-2023 Queen of the Furrow and 2022-2023 Princess of the Furrow Aimee Norman and Lucy Flegg respectively, were crowned and plowing match results announced.   Results from the 2022 Stormont County Plowing Match were provided by the Stormont County Plowmen’s Association.

Plowing Class Results

  • Class 1A – Jointer Horse Plowing – 1st – William Machabee, St. Albert, ON
  • Class 1B – Jointer Horse Plowing – 1st – Brent Christie, Prescott, ON
  • Class 2A – Antique Tractors with Trail Plow – 1st – Jean Marc Dessaint, Sarsfield, ON
  • Class 2B – Antique Plowing – Competitors under 18 years of age – 1st – Olivier Binette, Ste Anne de Prescott, ON
  • Class 2C – Antique plowing with a hydraulic mounted plow – 1st – Nicole Calande, Alfred, ON
  • Class 3B – Farm Standard – 3 furrow plows – 1st – Allen Manley, Newington, ON
  • Class 4 – Competitors 18 years and under, open to all – 1st – Jonas Goodman, Monkland, ON
  • Class 5A – 2-Furrow Competitive Plowing – 1st – Chris Allen, Vankleek Hill, ON
  • Class 5B – 3-Furrow Competitive Plowing – 1st – Steven Manley, Berwick, ON
  • Class 6 – Farm Standard – 4 or more furrows – 1st – Bradley Moore, Chesterville, ON
  • Class 7 – Reversible – 1st – Josef Bloderer, Mountain, ON   


  • Best Open Split – Chris Allen – Vankleek Hill, ON
  • Best Crown – Jean Marc Dessaint – Sarsfield, ON
  • Best Finish – Michel Calande -Alfred, ON
  • Best Plowed Land by Antique Tractor & Plough – Jean Marc Dessaint – Sarsfield, ON
  • Youngest Plower –Olivier Binette- Ste Anne de Prescott, ON – 11 years old
  • Oldest Plower – Gordon Smith – Chesterville, ON – 81 years old
  • Plower that travelled the furthest with Plow equipment– Russell Jones – Lyndhurst, ON
  • Best Overall Plowed Land – Jean Marc Dessaint – Sarsfield, ON
  • Bernard Beehler Trophy – Best Plowed Land by a Stormont Resident – Stephen Manley – Berwick, ON
  • Best overall plowed land in the Horse Classes – Brent Christie – Prescott, ON