Proud Stormont/Glengarry Junior Farmer members attend their annual meeting via Zoom. This group has grown to 30 members in a few short years. Junior Farmers are enjoying a comeback with this eager group looking to meet other young members and volunteers within their community. Vogel Photo

The Stormont/Glengarry Junior Farmers held their annual meeting via Zoom this year.

This enthusiastic group of members, with a membership of 30 as of January, was happy with what they accomplished in 2020.

Sydney Carson, vice president, told attendees that despite the challenges of COVID-19 they managed to do fundraising to support other local groups. Through their Snowball event, roadside clean up and flamingo fundraisers, they were still able to make a substantial profit, and donate proceeds: $150 to Make a Wish, $1,700 to United Way, $500 to Roxborough Ag Society, and $500 to Tagwi Bursary.

Elizabeth Bruce, president of the Junior Farmers Association of Ontario (JFAO) was able to attend the meeting.

“I would not be able to drive to a meeting that far away during a weeknight but Zoom makes it possible to attend these county meetings,” stated Bruce. 

There are benefits to the change in the way meetings are being held.

The new executive for 2021 is president – Sydney Carson, vice president – Courtney Courville, treasurer – Chanelle Martin, secretary – Alyssa Waldroff, provincial direct – Justin Brooks, assistant provincial director – Jeanine Spichtig, social director – Dougie Robinson, media director – Kelsey Smith and Julianne Martin.

The guest speaker, Jakob Vogel, reviewed parliamentary procedures and ideas that can assist in running an effective meeting.

For those not familiar with the JFAO, check out their website at

If you are between the ages of 15 and 29 as of Jan. 1 this may be a group for you. The JFAO website states that “members participate in a variety of activities in their home communities and across the province.” 

There are several activities including sports and cultural events, fundraising for charities, and a chance to meet people from across the province or internationally. If this sounds like something you would be interested in contributing to, you can find the closest county association to you through the website.