Tom Van Dusen was presented with the collector’s item, a Ford 8N miniature tractor, by founding member Henry Staal. Vogel Photo

Anderson Links hosted the Vintage Iron of Eastern Ontario (VITEO) members on Sun., Feb. 11, 2024. 

With more than 80 people in attendance, it was a full house. A buffet brunch fueled everyone so that the bidding could commence during a live auction of antiques donated by various people to raise an impressive $1,690 for the club.

“Never has a lowly reporter been treated so well!” quips Tom Van Dusen, “…[VITEO] recognized   me once again with the gift of a miniature collectible tractor, a Ford 8N, celebrating 75 years in the field.” The committee is very thankful for all of the promotion and support that Tom has assisted with over the years.

The executive was elected last year for a three year term but due to circumstances, two positions were up for election.  The executive in place now is President – Carson Hill, Vice President – Wayne Fraser, Secretary – Sylvia Payne, Treasurer – Glen Edwards and Directors are Hank Bakker, Henry Stahl, Barry Dean and Darrel Payne.

In preparation for the toy auction to be held at the Ottawa Valley Farm Show, Linda Payant asked that donations be brought to the Anderson Links Golf Course by Feb. 20. On Feb. 21, the committee photographed and catalogued all items for the auction.