Scott Weagant poses for a picture beside a Kabota M4-071 Deluxe Utility 70 HP tractor. Morin Photo

Anniversaries of any kind are always meaningful and fun.

In 1953, Weagant Farm Supplies Ltd. was established. Topline Trailer and Equipment, a branch of the Weagant company was founded in 1993. The farm equipment supply business has since grown into a competitive and long standing go-to place for farmers, homeowners and the construction industry for Topline’s line of Kubota equipment and personal and commercial trailers as well as great used equipment.

Products in their showroom include new and used Kubota tractors, Kubota zero turn mowers, Kubota sub compact tractors, Kubota agricultural implements, Kubota wheel loaders, Kubota skid steers and much more. Topline also carries cargo trailers, dump trailers, utility trailers, equipment floats, horse trailers or livestock trailer needs. They carry top brands such as Sundowner, Weberlane, Legend, Normand, Horst, Wallenstein, Landpride, and Green Works. They sell and service new and used snow removal equipment including snowblowers, blades and Sanders.

A new sales and service facility was built in 1999, and in 2015, the service shop was doubled in size.

On Wed., April 19, Topline Trailer and Equipment celebrated 70 years of helping its neighbours and growing their business.

The anniversary also served as the annual customer appreciation day that its customers, and residents have come to expect.

The day set aside for customer appreciation, featured an afternoon feast of Oktoberfest sausages with a side of sauerkraut and apple cider continuing the tradition that begun in 1985.

Customers were treated to equipment demonstrations, informative chats about Kubota equipment and conversations over a hot meal.

In many ways, the appreciation day was as much a reunion of friends and past clients as it was a typical business promotion.

Scott Weagant, owner and general manager of Topline Trailer and Equipment is a member of five generations of the Weagant family who have carried the Weagant name forward.

He attributes his company’s success and longevity to keeping a local community connection.

“We live and breathe our business,” said Weagant. “We have many long-term employees here and a great partnership with the community.”

Customer loyalty plays an important role in the success of Topline.

“There are farmers who bought from my grandfather. It just goes on and on.”

Topline Trailer and Equipment is located at 1226 County Road 31 in Winchester and in Brockville.

Topline’s number is 613-774-0992. They also have a Facebook and web page.