Choosing the right software for your bookkeeping needs can be a daunting task.  There are so many options out there that it can be difficult to know what the best option is.

Farming can be very time demanding and when you add the requirement to keep track of your paperwork the hours dwindle down pretty quickly.

Before you make the commitment to change your method of tracking your financial records, think about what is most important to you. What is it that you really want to get out of this change. With everything there can be challenges so make sure you are choosing the option that will be robust enough to accommodate your added ventures.

AgExpert software is definitely a very viable option. If you have payroll, the price point is an added benefit. Some of the other software programs have hefty fees attached for the payroll feature. 

One feature you may want to look at closely is the online version of a program. The advantage to online accounting software can pay for itself very quickly. 

Being able to view the same things that your bookkeeper or accountant can see at the same time as you, can help, by resolving issues and speeding up your answers to questions.

You will not have to run your files to someone’s office, or send a backup of your file and then have to figure out how to make sure you have the correct file the next time you go to work in the file. 

Collaborating with a professional may be an option you wish to use. The online version makes that relationship so much easier. Being able to work through difficult transactions, discussing reports, cleaning up files can all be done virtually at a time that is convenient for the parties involved.

Some of the highlights of AgExpert Online are:

  1. Attaching your documents: you have the ability to attach your document to the transactions so that if you want to see the details of the purchase or sale, you can just open the attachment. If your tax preparer needs to see the documents, they have access to it as they are working on the file and do not have to reach out to you to obtain a copy of it;
  2. Payroll: you can process your payroll and process the deductions at source in one location;
  3. HST: as you enter daily transactions, the HST is being accounted for in the background. Once you are finished, if you have a bookkeeper or accountant that reviews the reports before you file them, they will have instant access to these reports;
  4. Track capital assets: this can be a huge time saver when it comes to your yearend, and the accountants are allocating your new capital purchases or sales. Having remote access to this information will allow the consultant to complete your file.
  5. Data security: stored securely, and backups are completed automatically. 

Online software can remove a lot of the stress. No more watching for that email from the accountant asking for copies of specific invoices. They can open your file and go straight to work. This reduces the time on your file and provides a much more pleasant experience.

Now, in saying all of this, it is always up to the quality of what is put into the program in the first place.  If you are looking to take the leap into the software world and into the online as well, it is worth investing in the correct setup and training.

AgExpert does include unlimited product support as well in the annual fee.

For example, AgExpert does work with Aleop or with AgExpert Field. You may not feel these are important features now, but it is better to keep your options open. This time of year, there are often discounts and offers, but if you look at the option of AgExpert for $399 per year, that will include your payroll, HST and up to five sets of books.