Maranda Klaver
Courtesy Photo

By Maranda Klaver
Ontario Queen of the Furrow

A new year means new opportunity. As I look ahead at the next 7 months, I wonder what opportunities lie ahead and what memories will I make? Who will I meet and what will I learn? It’s a clean slate and a new beginning.

Looking back on my time as Huron County Queen, I recall the word Covid. In 2020, it was new and still I was not sure what it was, and I hoped it wouldn’t cause too much conflict with my reign. Boy was I ever wrong. So, one thing I sure am praying for during the next 7 months is that another pandemic doesn’t happen during this reign, as I’m sure I can say on behalf of everyone it was a tough time. On a lighter note, I am looking forward with a positive attitude for a normal reign.

Some goals I set for myself for the year are to connect, listen and learn. I would like to connect with as many of the new queens as I can, as I know there is no better place to meet like minded individuals and plowing enthusiasts through this program. Listen to what others have to say as their opinions and skills/knowledge are valuable and can help us succeed; and finally, to never stop learning. There is something we can learn everyday and to take advantage of that.

Although right now is considered a “quiet” time as Ontario Queen Of The Furrow, I have been asked to speak at and attend several annual general meetings (AGM). A change of pace from the rush and business of the Christmas parade season and harvest at home. I look forward to events like these as they give me an opportunity to meet and connect with others involved in agriculture and hear their stories about why and how passionate they are about agriculture. Being able to talk to different groups gives me the opportunity to talk about things that are important to me as well as educate, which is something I feel very passionate about. Attending school, I always felt there was a gap between urban and rural students and if there is one thing I can try to accomplish this year as Ontario Queen, it will be to educate as many people that I can and help bridge the gap between urban and rural. The International Plowing Match and Rural Expo is a great place for education and I could not be more proud to represent and promote it.

I’d like to take advantage of every opportunity as I can that comes my way. You never know if who you meet today will be there tomorrow. Skills I learn along the way may come in handy later. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I intend to live it to the max. I am so thankful for the Ontario Plowmen’s Association for giving me this opportunity, as I know I will cherish it forever.