AgExpert online software entry screen is easy to maneuver. The ability to attach the document to the transaction and provide relevant backup information helps in organizing your bookkeeping. Courtesy Photo

Accounting software has come a long way over the past few years.  The fear of having someone accessing your information, and not wanting to have your bookkeeping in the cloud is diminishing. 

The increasing desire to be able to get answers immediately and not having to wait for an appointment or for someone to come to your office space has driven the acceleration of the software development.

Being able to contact your software provider and to have them be able to see exactly what you are seeing or better yet, they can go in and fix any errors or issues you are having is one more step to making bookkeeping a less negative activity.

These days it is much easier to enter your information.  It used to take hours of training and countless calls to complete transactions and reach that year-end solution.  Now, the entry screens have been simplified so that it is easy to enter your information and to understand what the prompts are requesting of you.

Online chats and toll-free support lines make the job easier.  Online training tutorials and local advisors all contribute to the advantages of online software.

The ability to share your information with a bookkeeper and or accountant is priceless.  The time taken to meet with your accountant and to prepare all of the information and reports they require are not necessary.  The information can be accessed by your accountant, and then they can ask the questions they have.  No need to box up all of the documents and drag them to the accountant’s office. 

Being able to attach a copy of the receipt to the transactions as you enter them can save so much of your valuable time.  If you require information from the software, you are not needing to start rummaging through documents, as everything is in one place. 

Backups are important!  How many times have we been advised to back that information up?  If you do not back up, you could lose the information.  Also, the even more dreadful realization is when you were sure you were backing up your data, and then find that the backing up process was not working properly. 

The software provider has multiple backups so that your information is secure.

Payroll can be processed.  Payroll is easily entered and tracked.  Prepare T4’s and file them with the government.

HST can be prepared quickly and the backup information to support it.  All at your fingertips.

Access your information from anywhere.  We are always on.  Even when you are away on holidays the business still needs your attention.  With online software you can access that financial information securely in moments.

There is no need to be concerned of the operating system that you use.   If you have a compatible internet browser, you are ready to go. 

Multilevel security features are included so that you can feel confident that your information is secure.

Many of the software providers allow for a full or partial upload from your current program to the online version.  If you want to keep your historical data, this may be one thing to consider.

In the past there were many issues with sending a backup to your accountant or bookkeeper and then making sure you were in the same version, and that you restored the correct backup.  With the online version this whole concern is eliminated.  You are always working in the correct file and no need for version updates.  It is all done automatically.

The only stumbling block can be your internet connection.  But, because you are working online and not downloading anything you would be surprised with the ability of this online service even with slower internet connections.

Collaborating with your financial advisors has never been easier.  Embrace the opportunity to move your bookkeeping to a more enjoyable activity.  You may just find you agree that the benefits outway the fears.