Deals of the day
Dwight Foster, owner of North Gower Grains shares the stage with Geoffrey Guy, grain merchandiser during their Annual Customer Appreciation Day on June 27. Dwight offered exceptional contracts for the day’s attendees. With soybeans at a 10 year low and no reprieve in sight, many took advantage of this opportunity.      Vogel photo

North Gower Grains opened their stage to introduce some of the 4-H and Junior Farmer’s members from local clubs. NGG donates to the local groups to help support their activities. The members sang O Canada during the opening of the Annual Customer Appreciation Day on June 27 in North Gower. Vogel photo

NORTH GOWER – North Gower Grains held their annual Customer Appreciation Day on Wed., June 27.

The annual event sees roughly 700 farmers on the grounds to enjoy a day full of barbecue, raffle prizes, local business exhibitors and of course to take advantage of the one-day only special pricing opportunities on grain contracts.

One of the biggest contract incentives of the day was for soybeans due to current low prices. Foster explained the prices for the crop are not expected to rise over the next few years. Because of this many farmers were able to get beneficial contracts during the event.

The day also featured a panel of experts who spoke to the crowd about the best time to apply fungicides and nitrogen to the crops. With new technology always emerging, getting the right timing for applications is becoming more specific to help benefit the farmers.

Foster and his team thanked everyone who attended the event including, customers, exhibitors, suppliers, 4-H and Junior Farmer’s members for their rendition of O Canada, the door prize donors, speakers for making the day informative, and the “Rib Guy and Century Event Catering Service for the fabulous meal.”

All in all the event had another year of success with an outstanding turnout.