NEWINGTON – It’s a pleasant drive to Paperboat Farms, just west of Newington and the home of Evodie and Jonathan Smith.  Established in 2017, the farm grows 40 varieties of garlic, offering the public 25 of these varieties as well as herb and spice mixes and creative edible arrangements.

On July 15, Paperboat Farms will be hosting Savour the Field, a family friendly, rain or shine event.  Jonathan explained the event is designed to showcase what can be produced in Eastern Ontario.

Participants will be able to visit 13 local farms and agribusinesses during the day and enjoy a five-course dinner at Paperboat Farms in the early evening. 

The self-guided tour is scheduled to begin at 11 a.m. and includes the opportunity to visit Cornerstone Organics; Gibbs Honey; The Halfway Homestead, Wood Brothers Brewing; Bischoff Orchards; Fraser Creek Pizza Farm, Ferme Butte & Bine Farm; Paperboat Farms; Upper Canada Creamery Inc.; Humble Beginnings Brewing Co.; Dream Small Farm; Rijke’s Produce Farm and Jamink Farm.

“All these small businesses are excited to share their passion of growing and making food,” said Evodie, mentioning each location will be able to provide a map of tour locations which includes some fun activities. Jonathan explained the tour is free, with people able to visit with producers, gather tokens and participate in draws. 

The five-course dinner will feature food produced by local food producers as well as those businesses participating in the tour. Ticket prices are $78.59 for adults and $20.46 per child and will be served in three tented serving stations at Paperboat Farms. Evodie mentioned there will be live music to enjoy as well as lawn games and outdoor activities to participate in. She mentioned how the dinner is designed to allow guests to spend as much time as possible in the great outdoors.

More information on Paperboat Farms and Savour the Field are available on their social media sites.