by Kalynn Sawyer Helmer
AgriNews Staff Writer
CANADA — On May 9, Farmers Edge and Raven Industries announced a collaboration of their precision agriculture tools to develop new technologies and increase productivity for farmers. The press release explained: “The two companies are working together to develop new precision agriculture technologies that will rapidly increase expansion of Farmers Edge digital agronomy and risk management solutions in key markets. The collaboration leverages the use of streaming data transfer between CanPlugs and Raven Slingshot® and field computers.”

The collaboration will allow producers to access data sets in one place to make seasonal decisions more accurate. “It incorporates Raven’s precision agriculture hardware, high-speed connectivity and variable rate technology with Farmers Edge complete and independent precision digital solutions powered by billions of on-farm data points. This translates to simplified agronomic and input management for growers,” says the release.

“Facing low commodity prices and shrinking profit margins, growers must base their critical farm management decisions on the most comprehensive and accurate information possible to optimize revenue potential,” says Wade Barnes, president and CEO for Farmers Edge in the release. “Joining forces allows both companies to demonstrate to growers how to maximize precision technology based on their specific needs.”

Darin Sother, vice-president of partner management told the AgriNews that the collaboration has been the result of months of work. “Both companies believe that we can bring new solutions and value to the growers,” he said.

Combining with Raven’s hardware, Sothers says that Farmers Edge will be able to connect and pull in additional analytics. “It’s going to open up a lot of different doors.”

Technology and products from the collaboration will roll out over the next few months, Sothers said.

“Partnering these best-in-class technologies provides our customers with a powerful opportunity,” said Brian Meyer, division vice-president and general manager of Raven Applied Technology in the press release. “This collaboration will empower growers and ag retailers to do more with their data, making better decisions and, ultimately, increasing efficiency and improving yields.”