By Sandra Clement
AgriNews Contributor

The Eastern Ontario’s Women in Agriculture Network (EOWIAN) virtually held its 1st  Annual General Meeting in conjunction with its 1-Year Anniversary Celebration on Mon.,  Jan. 17, 2022. This young network has already grown to more than 600 members in its first year!

Who are we? A network that allows women to see themselves in different roles and create their own space in the agricultural industry by sharing our stories, tools and resources. Our vision is to create a supportive community where women of all ages and backgrounds come together to support, encourage and inspire each other.

Our goals and objectives are to organize discussions and allow women to showcase their successes through virtual platforms and in-person events. We also want to create mentorship opportunities, organize workshops and share ressources (within and outside of the agricultural context). 

During our January celebration, our three speakers inspired more than fifty participants.  Nadia Carrier first led a workshop on the theme: On your masks! Set! Go!, followed by Mrs. Dianne Margaret Harkin who shared her passion through her journey with the revolution that was the Women for Survival of Agriculture. Jennifer Doelman wrapped up the day by sharing her experiences in the industry over the years and sharing her radiant energy with our members. Our president, Vicki Brisson concluded the celebration with a toast to all the women in the network and our famous Courage beer.

More about the Courage Session IPA.

Why the name Courage? As it says on the label: A special brew to proudly honour the Courage of all women rolling up their sleeves in Eastern Ontario’s agricultural sector. A juicy and aromatic Session IPA to celebrate the devotion and passion of women who are at the heart of our industry, community and family. Get together, work together and cheer together!

This beer is a wonderful collaboration with Embrun’s Tuque de Broue Brewery and will only be brewed once, so grab yours before it’s too late! You can try it today at the brewery or visit