Overlooking Cornerbrook
DSCIA members gather for a group photo while overlooking Cornerbrook. Nfld. at the James Cook National Historic Site. Courtesy photo

NEWFOUNDLAND – At the end of July, 56 members of Dundas County Soil and Crop Improvement Association flew to Newfoundland and enjoyed a five-day tour across the entire province – taking in 17 stops including dairy farms, a cranberry expansion, a tree nursery, greenhouse farm marketing, land clearing that involved stone crushing equipment, an iron ore mine tour, wine vaults, historical sites and a complete tour through the Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Limited mill, just to name a few.

Hosts exchanged issues with participants that they are faced with in Newfoundland including climate and soil types. The forestry industry is becoming less viable and the government is looking to agricultural expansion because of its stability. Land leases are virtually free, other than the cost of land clearing. Tractor and equipment purchases come mainly from Nova Scotia as there is no larger equipment dealership in the province.

The annual bus trip is a fundraiser for DSCIA, and the club appreciates members selling out the trip every year. The support allows the club to host farm events, donate funds to other service clubs in the community and be one of the most successful in the province.