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By Kelsey Banks, Agronomist

EASTERN ONTARIO – As of, April 28, the crop updates have begun again in the Eastern Ontario AgriNews.

On April 27, the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs hosted their bi-weekly agronomist update. This meeting is held virtually with local agronomists. There are different meeting times for different areas. The Eastern Ontario group consists of both Eastern Ontario and East-Central Ontario. After attending this meeting and from my own perspective, here is the crop update:

Corn and soybean seed

Currently there is almost no soybeans, both non-GMO and GMO, and corn, both feed and grain, planted. At crop input retails, seed is available, but may be limited if it has not been pre-ordered. Some seed growers had issues with their seed resulting in some seed varieties having a lower stock than previous years.

Spring cereals

Very few acres have been seeded yet due to the weather.

Winter wheat and alfalfa survival

Has been generally good, but there are pockets that are very saturated in some fields in the lower spots. For those that harvested a fourth cut, some of the plants in those fields may have a weaker stand.

One of the main comments during the meeting was mental health due to the increased prices and availability of some crop inputs. If you or someone you know requires any mental health assistance or support, please contact your local Grain Farmer’s of Ontario or Ontario Federation of Agriculture representative to ask about the mental health resources they offer.

If you have any questions about your crop inputs or would like to have your fields scouted, please contact your local agronomist.