Just in time for harvest
Rutters Elevators’ new grain bin near Chesterville is ready to accept this year’s harvest.       Vogel photo

by Candice Vetter
AgriNews Staff Writer
CHESTERVILLE – Finding someone to speak to about current harvest conditions was difficult this month, as pretty much everyone is out in the field and taking advantage of good weather which may not last much longer.

However, Rutters Elevators reports that corn and soy are later than usual, with soy coming into the elevators now and corn barely started. Rutters just added a new silo to their operation, increasing their capacity.

Greg Vanden Bosch of Vanden Bosch Elevators informed AgriNews that although crops are later than normal about 90 per cent of soy has been harvested. He also reports that almost all of it is coming off dry, thanks to the dry, warm spell this autumn. Yields are at the long-term average of low to mid-40s bushels per acre.

Corn harvest has just begun, and early results indicate moisture in the low 20s. “Test weights are okay,” said Vanden Bosch, “but not great. It’s a bit light.”

Meanwhile OMAFRA reminds farmers that those requiring access to Class 12 pesticides. neonicotinoid-treated corn and soybean seeds must submit an Inspection of Soil Pest Assessment Report to their seed vendor prior to purchase. An online version at https://omafra.secure.force.com/PAR can be filled out and sent directly to the seed vendor, and once accepted, will be sent to OMAFRA, eliminating the need for the vendor to submit by Oct. 31 of each year.