After receiving approximately six inches of rain within three days, parts of some canola fields in Renfrew county had drowned. Photo taken on July 8, 2021.For more information, please contact your agronomist. Courtesy Photo

By Kelsey Banks, Agronomist
AgriNews Contributor

Writing a crop update is a tough article to write this year with different areas of Eastern Ontario enduring some vastly different growing environments in the last three weeks or so. However, here is your crop update as of July 14, 2021 in Eastern Ontario:

Most of the Urea Ammonium Nitrate (UAN) that was planned to be applied, was applied on time. Until recent rainfall, the corn was showing signs of crop stress due to the extreme heat, humidity, and lack of rain. Since the rainfall, the corn is growing quickly and looks great in most areas. In some areas it is beginning to tassel.

Flowering has begun in some areas timed perfectly with the upcoming winter wheat harvest so it may be a busy couple of weeks ahead with both fungicide application on the soybeans and winter wheat harvest being done at the same time. There have been some signs of common leaf spot in some fields that may have had more rainfall recently.

Winter Wheat
It is just about harvest time and not many desiccants were needed this year due to the heat and maturation. Harvest is about 10 days earlier than last year for most.

Spring cereals
Most spring cereals look great and they are growing quickly.

Although canola has been enduring the hot days and humidity well and looks fairly good, it is a bit short in some fields mainly due to the lack of rainfall moisture during early growth.