The start of a new year gives us the opportunity to plan and dream big for another year.

Traditionally the first couple of months into the new year gives us the opportunity to attend county meetings for the various commodity groups that we hold memberships to.  This gives a venue to socialize and discuss the good, the bad and the ugly with other farmers, who understand the situations and issues that are being decided on. 

After the past two years of being in a pandemic and our social and financial opportunities being limited for many, we are now finding that 2022 may not be off to a great start either.

With more restrictions for the start of the new year and the skyrocketing prices of supplies, the future outlook in agriculture is not great or encouraging.

With the reports of the increased fertilizer and chemical costs; difficulty in getting parts and supplies as they are needed has added a new level of stress. 

Yes, on the other side there are positive increases in the crop prices and dairy farmers can apply for their next compensation package but, what about the emotional toll this negativity and uncertainty is bearing on the farm operator, families and suppliers?

There has always been a perceived level of uncertainty as you plan for the coming year.  Farming has never been for those who cannot handle a a gamble and were not ready to hold the deck of cards that were dealt.

As we take on this next year, remember that we are all in this together.  When you contact your local supplier and they cannot get the supplies you need right away, they are being held ransom by this pandemic as well.   As hard as it may be each one of us individually cannot change the negativity or immiediately resolve the issues; but, we definitely can be polite and respectful as we muddle through this.

The old saying that “if the year starts off bad, it will end good” comes to mind.

 Let’s raise a glass to 2022 and hope that when it starts off with all of this uncertainty, may it end with mother nature having been happy all year and the yields be the best they have been in years!  Cheers to a safe and prosperous year!

Linda Vogel