Tanguy Lozac’h got down and dirty showing everyone the importance of a trench and how to properly dig one.      Glover photo

Marc Saumure, a Prograin district sales manager, presented the importance of planting non-GMO soybeans. Glover photo

by Kory Glover
AgriNews Staff Writer
WINCHESTER – Local farmers and growers gathered at Weagant Farms Tues., Sept. 18 to explore different agricultural practices from Harvex, CROPLAN, Syngenta, and Prograin.

“It’s about getting local growers together to listen to agronomic practices from different suppliers,” said Lincoln Tym, Weagant’s seed manager. “We have four suppliers here presenting today, showing off different agricultural practices.”

Prograin district sales manager Marc Saumure, made a presentation explaining the importance of planting non-GMO soybeans.

“So, the idea is to show the farmer that they’re leaving money on the table by not planting non-GMO soybeans and the value of that profitability is very important,” he said. “We’re talking about 35 to 40 per cent of the extra margin that is available, that they’re leaving on the table, it is very significant on the overall profitability for soybean production.”

Steve Hamilton and Danika Arsenault from Syngenta spoke to farmers about new technologies coming to Canada in 2019 including Fortenza and Cruiser for proper seed treatment.

“Fortenza is going to be another option than having Neonics, such as Cruiser,” said Arsenault. “I think it’s a great option for them and it will control most of the pests in eastern Ontario fields.”

CROPLAN product manager Tanguy Lozac’h, talked about using the right kind of soil with the right project on the right field.

“We have response calls to help growers position the right breed with the right management, so they could have a good return,” he said. “We’re all about chasing the right bushel, the bushel that will give you productivity.”